Real Asset Media was created in January 2019 to share market insight, thought leadership, strategy and research with a global audience of senior leaders in the real estate and real asset markets. 

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Real Asset Insight

Launched at MIPIM, in March 2019, Real Asset Insight is the leading magazine sharing thought leadership, research and strategy. Available online, digital and in print, the quarterly publication, , looks behind and beyond the headlines to focus on the insights and strategies driving the real asset investment markets. Read more >

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Real Asset Live

Real Asset Live works as a partnership bringing expertise on specific markets and sectors to sources of international capital. Real Asset Investment Briefings organises the entire event for you, including marketing to attendees, promotion, post-event editorial and TV content on a dedicated YouTube PropertyTV channel to reach a truly global audience of cross-border investment specialists.

Panel speakers support the event via a sponsorship fee and benefit from a tailored package providing over 6 months of ongoing thought leadership promotion in person, in print and online. Read more >

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International Investors Lounge

The International Investors Lounge returns to EXPO Real, for its seventh successful year, bringing a full programme of expert panel discussions, networking events and partner stands to help create and facilitate a positive environment for cross-border investment and international business.

Located in Hall A1, the International Investors Lounge is open on three sides to accommodate both stand partners and attendees at the successful programme of events attracting investors and real estate specialist from across the globe.

The focus is fundamentally international with the full programme in English focused on European sectors opportunities, cities, countries and regions as well as mega trends and hot topics influencing the investment decisions for international capital. Read more >

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