Real Asset Media launches Senior Housing & Healthcare Association as Founding Partner

Real Asset Media launches The Senior Housing & Healthcare Association (SHHA) as new industry-led initiative

The Senior Housing & Healthcare Association was launched as an industry initiative to help create alignment between operators, banks, investors and stakeholders including both national and local government. Our members and partners operate across Europe ensuring that the SHHA is well-positioned to support the transition within the sector and help prepare the market for the significant increases in future demand.

We are faced with extensive challenges in terms of outdated existing stock, changing consumer demand and climate targets related to the Paris Agreement. This requires close cooperation within the real estate value chain.

The aim of the SHHA is to share knowledge, create long-term value and work inclusively on cities and regions to develop user-centred buildings.

Founding Partners:

Aedifica, Amsterdam School of Real Estate, Care Property Invest, CBRE, Cofinimmo, Korian, Hevo, Mozaic AM, Triginta

Richard Betts
Founding Partner, Group Publisher

Thorsten Herbert
Founding Partner, Managing Partner