Real Asset Insight

Real Asset Insight is focused 100% on thought leadership, analysis, trends, market intelligence and insights. A new platform created to share ideas, strategy and industry-leading insight with peers from the global cross-border investment community. What are the key trends in each sector, which locations and which investment strategies are likely to bring the best returns. Interviews, research, analysis, strategy and insight from across the industry; capital sources, fundraising, investment management, financing and development.


Real Asset Insight will be published 4 times per year and
distributed online to the readers of The Real Estate Day (21,000)
and Infabode (18,000) with print copies reaching both selected
high-profile decision makers from across the world as as well as
attendees at MIPIM, EXPO REAL and the significant industry
events worldwide.

Online readership: 30.000
Print readership: 10.000