Coronavirus: response by Real Asset Media

The breakneck pace of the global economic and social fallout from the coronavirus outbreak has been unrelenting in the last days and weeks. From closed international borders and schools, to postponed conferences and sporting events, to travel restrictions and ‘social distancing’, life is rapidly changing around us. We are all having to adjust our normal patterns of work and life to protect the most vulnerable in our families, local communities and the broader global community.  

We launched Real Asset Media last year with a commitment to share thought leadership, insight, strategy and research. To help create a better understanding of different sectors and locations and foster positive connections, promote dialogue, business and investment. 

Now, more than ever, it is vital that the industry can continue to share insight and thought leadership, stay connected and maintain communication. Rather than allow the necessary travel bans and isolation measures create distance between colleagues, clients, peers and partners, we should strive for the opposite: to make a concerted effort to share and engage more; to participate in the discussion of how our industry will come through the current global health, social and economic crisis. 

Our aim is to continue to support the market by sharing industry strategy, research and insight as well as encouraging dialogue and creating connections – but now through a virtual community.

New series of virtual events & video interviews

As a response to these exceptional times, we are increasing our commitment and resources to help keep you updated, informed and connected. Our upcoming events schedule is being expanded and all our events have moved online so that, as a speakers or guest, you can join the conversation from wherever you are in the world. And we invite you to join us.

We want you to help lead that conversation. We are launching a series of video interviews and virtual briefings which will focus on our industry’s response to the coronavirus. We want to look at all angles: from the macro environment, to capital flows, leasing demand, and finance. Furthermore, we want to examine the bespoke sector challenges and what might be the solutions. We want to hear from our industry’s burgeoning technology sector about their ideas about how our smart cities of the future will learn from the current pandemic. While the outlook is challenged, out of disruption can come great innovation.

We want to pull together from all our clients, partners, conference attendees, readers and viewers, to provide a broad response to the challenges ahead and the lessons we are learning. We want to start the conversation about what a post-COVID-19 working world should look like. As the most interconnected global society in history, what are we now learning about ourselves as people, communities, businesses, and as an industry? We hope these conversations will be authentic and valuable as we collectively navigate these uncertain times.

Stay connected and share your Insight 

Please do get in touch with us. Let us know your views, your corporate strategies, your perspectives on how things might shake out. Your input will guide the themes for the series of virtual briefings and events. We are also working on a special report designed to integrate all your shared insights. Please share your thoughts with the editor of this special report, James Wallace.

The solution to the coronavirus crisis will likely require global coordination between world governments, medical scientists, healthcare professionals, technologists and logistics operators. This crisis brings into sharp focus how the world has become a mutually interdependent global network which functions best through cooperation, coordination, flexibility and transparency. This requires sharing ideas and insights. In that spirit, we invite you to share your ideas and insight for our industry. We look forward to hearing from you. And, above all; stay safe, resilient and positive. 

Richard Betts
Founding Partner, Group Publisher

Thorsten Herbert
Founding Partner, Managing Partner